15. August 2014


Weil ich zu faul bin alles zu übersetzen sind nun eure englisch kenntnisse gefragt- Mein trip nach (Nord) Norwegen dieses Jahr im Juni/Juli!
Telemark Langzeit

Von Voss Richtung Norden

Draussen schlafen, aufwachen und das sehen! Normal bei ekstremsportveko

Ein Extremrennen mit 2000 Zuschauern? Kann nur die Veko!

Mariann going fast!

scouten auf der Furra 
Ron kümmert sich um das Abendessen

Trolle überall!

Stefun auf dem Grenzfluss zwischen Schweden/Norwegen

Mr. Spielberg!!

Frenchies sind stoked am Polarkreis zu sein

Benji packt das Dinner für den Multiday 

ersten Meter auf dem frst descent

Raul an der Rauma

#3 auf der lower Rauma

fired up after holy diver perfect line

Reinlaufen über die Bergkette für den first descent

Ulvoa low water run

jah light
Stomper kann stompen!
#1 auf der lower Rauma..geeeeil
dicke Backen!
big boof auf dem holy diver bei mächtig Wasser
This year I had the opportunity to spend 7 weeks in the country of trolls, mosquitos, sun 24/7 and whitewater everywhere.
We started our trip in the south of Norway- the Telemark. Levels were already low there, but we could still paddle the Cali-Section on the Augsbygdai- truely a classic!
After doing laps on the Augsbygdai for a few days we decided to move on and drove to Voss.
Voss is the capital of whitewater kayaking in Norway-so many awesome rivers arround which offer several sections at any waterlevel. Every year the ekstremsportveko takes part in Voss and that’s the time where you want to be there. Heaps of kayakers and other serveral outdoor people, partys every night and super sick events every day like extremraces, teamraces or boatercross events.
We spent two weeks in Voss running different and awesome sections every day and had some partys the other nights..I became convinced that Voss is the real syphon!!
After the ekstremsportveko we managed somehow to leave Voss and met up with Marian and Ron to go north. The northern parts of Norway are not that explored in case of kayaking so we were super fired up to got there do some new stuff!
On our way up to Hattfjelldal we did some pretty cool rivers as well like Finna or Furra.
Finally we arrived in Hatfjelldal and had the best campspot EVER!! Located at the outflow of a big lake next to the river, a nice beach, tons of firewood and no one else arround.
Arround this spot we had so many rivers to do! And every run was really awesome- we never had a shitty run up there. One week of doing super cool runs everyday it was time to move on.
After jumping in our cars again and driving ten hours we found ourselves next to the polarcircle hanging arround at 35 degrees and being burned by the sun 23hours a day. The rivers arround Mo i Rana (means the city Mo at the river Rana) are really unknown and alot of possible multidays arround are just waiting to get explored.
During the raging heat up there rivers were all full on and we hiked out alot. One night looking at the map we found a river flowing out of a totally remote lake up in the mountains fifty kilometres until the confluence with the main river in the area, the Rana is reached.
A closer look at the gradient map showed some serious gradient in there, especially the last 5 kilometres until the confluence is reached looked like a box canoyn with alot of gradient in it.
The next day we bought our multiday food and started loading our boats. We where keen for this mission!
Then we drove to the closest point to the lake and started our BRUTAL 4 hour hike in which killed us. 35 degrees and sun are tough to hike with a 40kg kayak over a mountain pass but billions of horseflys and mosquitos were the hardest part for sure. Resting was impossible- taking a breath meant getting 30 bites instead of only 10 bites when you walk. After we finally reached the lake we rallied the first ten k’s of flat to get to the hut. Yeah you read right- we paddled to a hut we’re hikers can stay a night with beds, a kitchen and everything you need. Pure luxus, eh?
We got some food and then all went to bed and tried to get as much sleep as possible with sun and heat at 03:00 in the morning and not to forget: the Mosquitos…….
The next morning we were fired up to do the 45k’s in one day to get away from the mosquitos. That said we had breakfast and then started our trip. And what we found was some SICK whitewater!! starting at 40-50 cumecs bouldergarden style the river collected some tributarys until 80 cumecs flowed down the Bjollga. 15 kilometres before the confluence with the Rana a section started which is comparable with the Futa on steroids, so sick and SO good!!! We all enjoyed that part alot but we knew that the last 5k’s are boxed in and have way more gradient than the „futa-section“ we were paddling that moment. After arround 10kilometres the walls came in and the rapids became way more serious untill they became to steep to paddle so we had to hike out and arround the steepest part of the box canyon for three hours with alot of gradient to walk and heaps of mosquitos, again.
Then we put in nearly at midnight again into two k’s of class five bigwater after 11 hours on the river already. Using our last energy we made it to the confluence with the Rana. Unfortunatley the confluence was in another big box-canyon as well and the section below can only be paddled at low water and we had raging high water on both rivers! That said we ended up climbing out of the last box canyon for two more hours until we reached the car somewhere deep in the night but still with the sun on the horizon-line. crazy experience!
After resting for a day we were keen for some kayaking again-but roadside only for a few days at least ;)
So we drove back to Hatfjelldal to spent another week there doing sick runs everyday- again. That area is a going to become a classic in a few years for SURE!!!!
After the week we started our way back down, Phil had to leave to go on another multiday mission in Russia with the boys.
We spent a last night with the Aussie in Trondheim and had some wicked fun for sure.
Then we drove all the way to the Sjoa to spent the last weeks there, but eventually we were lucky and catched the lower rauma at awesome flows! On our way to Rauma we paddled some other cool stuff like Tora Bora, Bovra or Ostri Gorge aswell. But the lower Rauma was a highlight for me, 10 Rapids, all runnable but all really big until number 10Flemming’s drop is reached.
We had some good runs down the lower Rauma and when levels became to low we moved back to Sjoa to spent our last days there enjoying the Amot gorge every day and doing some other cool sections.
All in all I had a awesome time in Norway and I can’t wait to get up there again, there is just so much stuff to do at every flow!!

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